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On October 27, 2018 Elena Kornilova passed away

"Collection of Works on Group Analysis, 2 nd issue. Read More" Read More

Autumn-winter GASI workshop “Authority in Group and Society” November 2019, Saint-Petersburg

Course “Group Analysis in Organizations”, 2019-2020

Joint Russian-Israeli Conference on Group Analysis June 5-7, 2020, Saint-Petersburg. Read More

The Coordinating Council informs about starting working groups on cooperation with the MIGA
The SGA – S. Bugrova, I. Pazhiltsev, A. Sklizkov
The MIGA – A. Beniaminova, A. Sklizkov, A. Tsapenko

Enrollment in a new group “Mother-baby from 0 to 3” is open. The first group in Russia using the method of group analysis has been completed successfully. However, the project continues, we are looking forward to meeting new participants. Conductor S.A. Bugrova.
If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone or e-mail.

The SGA has released its first Collection of Articles

С Further admission for the Course “The Basics of Group Analysis” is open since October till December 2018; РCourse Director – T.V. Dmitrieva Course Conductors – V.A. Shamov, Z.A. Shargalina. The course is open to residents of Saint-Petersburg, as well as residents of other places in Russia. Read More.

Dear Colleagues, we congratulate you on good news.
The SGA has been admitted as one of the full members of EFPP.

Продолжается набор слушателей!

The admission for the Course on ‘The Basics of Group Analysis and Group-Analytical Psychotherapy’ is still open