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“The Languages of Groups: the power to include and exclude”, 4th – 6th September 2020 Подробности здесь

В члены ОГРА приняты:
Трембицкая Елена

18 апреля 2020 года состоялась онлайн конференция ОГРА. "Из круга на экран. ГА в эпоху короновируса". Подробности здесь

Внимание, коллеги! Совместная российско-израильская конференция по групповому анализу перенесена, Санкт-Петербург, 4-6 июня 2021 года. Подробности здесь

Joint Russian-Israeli Conference on Group Analysis, June 4-6, 2021, Saint-Petersburg. Read More

Президент, члены КС и члены ТК ОГРА поздравляют члена ОГРА Татьяну Леонтьевну Данченко (Шибакову) с присвоением квалификационного статуса ОГРА «групповой аналитик»

"Вестник Группового анализа (ОГРА) Санкт-Петербург. Выпуск 2" Подробности здесь

Collection of Works on Group Analysis, 2nd issue. Read More

КС сообщает о создании рабочих групп по сотрудничеству с МИГА
ОГРА - Бугрова С., Пажильцев И., Склизков А.
МИГА - Бениаминова А., Склизков А., Цапенко А.

The Coordinating Council informs about starting working groups on cooperation with the MIGA
The SGA – S. Bugrova, I. Pazhiltsev, A. Sklizkov
The MIGA – A. Beniaminova, A. Sklizkov, A. Tsapenko

Начинается набор в новую группу "Мама-малыш
от 0 до 3"
. Первая группа в России, работающая методом группанализа успешно завершилась, но проект продолжается, ждем новых участников. Ведущая Бугрова С. А.
По всем вопросам можно звонить или писать.

Enrollment in a new group “Mother-baby from 0 to 3” is open. The first group in Russia using the method of group analysis has been completed successfully. However, the project continues, we are looking forward to meeting new participants.
The Conductor S.A. Bugrova
If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone or e-mail.

ОГРА выпустило свой первый Сборник

ЯНВАРЬ 2020 ПРОДОЛЖАЕТСЯ очередной набор на первый год обучения групповому анализу "Основы группового анализа" 
 Руководитель - Дмитриева Т.В.,преподаватели и ведущие групп - Шамов В.А., Шаргалина З.А. Приглашаются лица, проживающие не только в Санкт-Петербурге, но и в других городах России. Подробности ЗДЕСЬ.

Further admission for the Course “The Basics of Group Analysis” is open since January 2020
Course Director – T.V. Dmitrieva, Course Conductors – V.A. Shamov, Z.A. Shargalina. The course is open to residents of Saint-Petersburg, as well as residents of other places in Russia. Read more

Уважаемые коллеги, поздравляем вас с хорошей новостью
 ОГРА принята в качестве одного из полных членов EFPP.

Dear Colleagues, we congratulate you on good news. The SGA has been admitted as one of the full members of EFPP

Продолжается набор слушателей!

«Основы группового анализа и группаналитической психотерапии»

The admission for the Course on ‘The Basics of Group Analysis and Group-Analytical Psychotherapy’ is still open. Read more

Новости коллег

Foundation Weekend: Reflective Practice in Organisations. 10th – 11th October 2020. Информация ЗДЕСЬ

«  Сентябрь 2020  »

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Introductory and Qualifying Course in Group Analysis

(Saint-Petersburg and Russia)


We invite all of those who are willing to learn how to run groups and to become a professional group conductor.  This course is of special value for those specialists who have completed or who are completing their training within psychoanalytical, psychological, medical, pedagogical, social and other humanitarian areas.  The course is available for residents of Saint-Petersburg and other Russian towns and cities.  If there are proposals from individuals or organizations interested in setting up and running the course, it can be delivered to any region of Russia.  

  • The course program meets the requirements of the Society of Group Analysis (SGA, Saint-Petersburg – General Principles and Organization of Group Analysis Training in the SGA), E.G.A.T.I.N. – the European network of group-analytical training institutes and the program of the course on group analysis by the Institute of Group Analysis (IGA, London).

· The course has a registration and accreditation by the Training Committee of the SGA which is a full member of the E.G.A.T.I.N. (E.G.A.T.I.N. Qualifying Members), i.e. it has a full right to provide complete (qualifying) training in group analysis.

· The course has accreditation with the European Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (EFPP).  There is an opportunity for the course students to have the hours which they have spent on theoretical preparation, supervision and training analysis credited when receiving qualifying statuses in the EFPP.

  • On the course completion there is an opportunity to work with groups in Saint-Petersburg psychological centre.

The course consists of two stages:

Stage 1 – Introductory Course, Stage 2 – Qualifying Course.

Stage 1 – Introductory course


Admission for the Course is open every year.

The aim of the introductory course is to receive primary knowledge and experience in theory and practice of group analysis which will be sufficient to start a practice as a conductor of a group-analytical group under a regular supervisory control.  The course program meets the requirements of the SGA (see the SGA course “The Basics of Group Analysis”).  On completion of the introductory course the participants are awarded a SGA certificate for the completed Introductory Course which is internationally acknowledged.  You can receive a SGA status of “a candidate group analytic” and a SGA certificate confirming the qualification.  This enables you to run groups under the supervisor’s control.

The Introductory Course structure:

1 year, 5 blocks a year, a 3-day block, once in 2 months.  Each block includes:  lectures, seminars, small and big groups.  Theory – 40 hours, practice – 72 hours.  The residents of Saint-Petersburg can participate in small groups in groups which meet once a week or during the block. 

You can find it sufficient to complete only Stage 1. However, if you want to become an expert in this profession you are recommended to take the next stage.  Those who have completed the Introductory Course are admitted to Stage Two.

The value of the introductory course:

You can run a group within any approach, feel confident and calm when running a group, understand group processes and know how to deal with them.

Stage 2 – Qualifying Course

The aim of the Qualifying Course is to teach how to run groups.  The program meets the SGA requirements (The Qualifying Course Program).  The course will make you an expert:  you will start your own group and run it under a constant supervision of qualified specialists.  You will have an opportunity to communicate professionally and analyze your and others’ experience.  Every block offers lectures with deep studying of group analysis and / or psychoanalysis, seminars tackling theoretical and practical issues about how to run groups, small and big groups, supervisions and intervisions (groups of mutual supervision). 

The structure of the Qualifying Course


4 years, 5 blocks a year, a 3-day block.  Unlike Introductory Course, Qualifying Course has also supervision and intervision.  From the second year of training the students must start running their own small group-analytical groups under supervision.  Residents of Saint-Petersburg can attend training small and supervisory groups once a week or during the blocks, residents of other places – during the blocks.

The Course Director and Conductor:

Tatyana Vladimirovna Dmitriyeva (T.V. Dmitrieva), PhD in Psychology, a group analytic (the London Institute of Group Analysis diploma), an analytic, a supervisor and training analytic of the EFPP (the European Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy), a training group-analytic and supervisor of the SGA (the Society of Group Analysis), director and lecturer in the professional development courses on group analysis at the Eastern European Institute of Psychoanalysis (1997-2011) and Saint-Petersburg State University (2013). She is the author of the book “Synergetic group psychotherapy, group analysis, dynamic group psychotherapy”.


The Course Conductors:

Vladimir Alexandrovich Shamov (V.A. Shamov), PhD in Medicine, a group analytic (the London Institute of Group Analysis diploma), an analytic, a supervisor and training analytic of the EFPP (the European Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy), a training group-analytic and supervisor of the SGA, director and lecturer in professional development courses on group analysis at the Eastern European Institute of Psychoanalysis (1997-2011) and Saint-Petersburg State University (2013).

Zoya Alexandrovna Shargalina (Z.A. Shargalina), a clinical psychologist of the highest category at the Municipal Psycho-Neurological Hospital #5, a group analytic (the London Institute of Group Analysis diploma), a supervisor and training group-analytic of the SGA.

Invited lecturers:  members of the SGA Training Committee and other organizations (including foreign organizations).

Apply for the course:

The Introductory Course is open every year.

Enquire and apply:

For further detail and application please contact Course Director Tatyana Vladimirovna Dmitriyeva

telephone +7 905 277 3992

e-mail  spbpsy@mail.ru

or Vladimir Alexandrovich Shamov

tel.  +7 921 650 6314

e-mail  shamov07@gmail.com

Those students who are in personal therapy and supervision with the EFPP, SGA or the Guild of Psychotherapy and Training, have the therapy and supervision Course hours credited as qualification hours.

By October 30, 2017 – 25% discount for the first block of Introductory Course of 2017 / 2018

By December 15, 2016 – 10% discount for the first block of Introductory Course of 2017 / 2018