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The XIII Group Analytic Conference, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
“Love and aggression in the group and to the group”
May 26-28, 2017

Conference Programme

Dear Colleagues,
We invite you to take part in the traditional group analytic Conference held by the Society of Group Analysis (SGA, St.Petersburg, Russia).

You may register by e-mail on the address of the Organizing Commitеe

The papers should be sent to the Organizing Committee by e-mail. You will be informed immediately on confirming of your request to participate, applications for the paper and / or the text of the paper. The title and a brief abstract of the paper are accepted until March 31, 2017. The text (or a detailed abstract) report should be provided up to the April 28, 2017.

The working language of the Conference is Russian. For English-speaking participants the translation will be provided. The participants are kindly requested to inform about the necessity of a translation in advance.

Accommodation. We strongly recommend to book in advance (4-5 months), as the conference dates coincides with the beginning of the tourist season, “White Nights” in St. Petersburg, which is accompanied by a lack of places in hotels of the city. The Organizing Committee can assist in finding and booking places to stay if requested in your application. Please, do inform us (until February 1) about the need for accommodation.

Venue. The place of the Conference is a traditional one. The Business Center
“Tuchkov most” on Vasilyevsky Island – 2 Smolenka river embankment.

The fee is 10000 rubles. The deadline for the early bird registration is the January, 1.
The early bird fee is 7000 rubles.
For more information e-mail Svetlana Bugrova bugrova_sa@inbox.ru
The payment details can be requested from Vladimir Shamov (shamov07@gmail.com)

Conference Organizing Committee:

Chair: Svetlana Bugrova (bugrova_sa@inbox.ru). Committee members: Svetlana Kuvshinova
(skouvshinova@yandex.ru), Vladimir Shamov (shamov07@gmail.com), Ilya Pazhiltsev.

Welcome to the Conference!

Registration Form

Brief information about the round table on

"Teenagers suicide focus social groups in the Internet. Experience. Reflection. Help."


Speaker: Gladchenko Larisa Gennadievna, Deputy Director of SBEI "Regional Psychological Center" Stavropol, supervisor of the Crisis center, which organizes psychological support to children, teachers and parents in situations of critical incident (suicide, ethnic conflicts, violence); provides professional support to educational organizations for elimination of crisis situations consequences and methodological support (training, supervision) for teachers and psychologists in Stavropol Region.


Currently, the issue of social groups in the Internet, so-called "groups of death", has not been researched well enough. Today this issue causes, panic, anxiety, fear, powerlessness of many parents, teachers and psychologists. And it requires professional interpretation and processing.

It is important to consider the use of modern technologies and new media of communication to control the behavior of large groups of people, quick direct access to specific segments of the population, as well as to identity of the "organizers" of those processes, their objectives, methods, and their “professional” background.

The presentation will present the findings of the study of 2 groups in Vkontakte social network and analysis of destructive processes, emotional and behavioral responses of different groups of population in Stavropol Region caused by the information about the "groups of death" in mass media.

Round table facilitator is under consideration.

Other speakers or experts are possible.

Duration of the roundtable: 1 hour 20 min, including 20 min for the key presentation and 1 hour for group discussion.

It could be helpful to put the Round table early in the conference programme for the possibility of further discussion and processing of this emotionally loaded issue.