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“Group analysis is development of psychoanalysis in its psycho-social application: it is applicable to psychiatry, psychotherapy, organizational management, social adaptation and resolution of socio-political conflicts. ”
Raymond Blake


Welcome to the official website of the Society of Group Analysis

The Society of Group Analysis, the SGA, is a non-state professional society of specialists (psychotherapists and psychiatrists, consulting psychologists, social workers, human resource and organizational consultants, etc.) studying and applying GROUP ANALYSIS

In December, 2018 there are 21 MEMBERS OF THE SGA. They have their academic degrees in psychology, medicine, pedagogy etc. Most of them have completed group-analytic training in accordance with international standards and have been applying this approach in their practice; some are in the process of their training.

The SGA (St-Petersburg, Russia) was founded in 1990 and was called the AGRA, The Association of Group Analysis, until 2005. Here is information about the SGA’s




The organization is a non-commercial partnership.

On this web-site you can learn more about HISTORY of the organization, programmes of TRAINING and general PRINCIPLES OF WORK WITH GROUP ANALYTIC GROUP.

Here you can also contact one of PRACTICING SPECIALISTS of the SGA in order to JOIN A GROUP. It will enrich your life and help you resolve various problems.