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The 14th Conference on Group Analysis

"I and the Others. Behind the Looking Glass of Group Processes."
May 18-20, 2018

Dear colleagues!

We would like to invite you to take part in the annual conference on group analysis to be held by the Society of Group Analysis (OGRA, St. Petersburg, Russia) in St. Petersburg on May 18-20 2018.
conference theme isI and the Others. Behind the Looking Glass of Group Processes.”

The conference programme is planned to contain lectures, plenary presentations, round tables, discussions, posters, etc. The conference programme is being developed and will the uploaded on the website of OGRA. We’ll be glad to inform you about all news on that website and on the page of OGRA in Facebook

APPLICATIONS for participation should be sent to the Conference Organising Committee by e-mail. The Application form can be found here

Программа Конференции | ConferenceProgramme

Presentation should be sent to the Conference Organising Committee also by e-mail. Confirmation of the acceptance of the application form as well as of the presentation and/or lecture text will be provided. The deadline for sending the title and short summary of the lecture is March 1, 2018; the deadline for sending the text (of widened summary) of the lecture is April 1, 2018.

The working language of the conference is Russian. In case of participation of English speaking guests the interpretation will be arranged. Please inform in advance about the need in interpretation.

Accommodation of guests from other cities.

We would recommend the participants from other cities to book accommodation in advance (4-5 months before the conference) as the conference is arranged in the beginning of high season of “White Nights” in St. Petersburg. The Conference Organising Committee is ready to inform about the hotels situated near the conference venue.

Conference venue. The conference is planned to be held in the Business-Center on Vasilievsky Island, 2, Smolenka River Embankment.

Presenters and participants registered before February 1, 2018 will have a discount.
Additional information about registration and answers to your questions you can get by e-mail. Contact person of the Conference Organising Committee is Aleksey Bogintsev e-mail: bav_spb@bk.ru, phone: +7 911 176 7650.

The Conference Organising Committee
Chairman Vladimir Shamov (shamov07@gmail.com, phone +7 921 650 6314 ) 

secretary Aleksey Bogintsev (bav_spb@bk.ru, phone +7 911 176 7650

Oleg Aksinenko (aks.ov@mail.ru),

Zoya Shargalina (  zoya.shargalina@gmail.com )

Ilya Pazhltsev (pajiltsev@yandex.ru),