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A Course enrollment is open!

“Personal Analysis in Group and Group-analytical Psychotherapy:  Theory and Practice”

The program meets the requirements of E.G.A.T.I.N., the network of European institutes in Group Analysis, as well as those of “The Diploma Course on Group Analysis” by the Institute of Group Analysis (IGA, London).  The Course has received registration and accreditation by the Society of Group Analysis (SGE, Saint-Petersburg).  The SGA is a full member of E.G.A.T.I.N. 

The Course combines the Introductory Course “The Basics of Group Analysis” and the Qualifying Course “Group Analysis:  theory and practice”.  The course lasts 5 years.

The aim of the Course:  Preparing professional conductors of group-analytical groups who are qualified to work in different areas – educational or commercial organizations, psychotherapy, etc.

The structure of the Course:

  • theory – lectures, seminars, discussions;

- practice – big or small groups, personal therapy in small groups, supervision groups;

  • running one’s own group as a conductor.

For further details please see the SGA website http://groupanalysis.ucoz.ru/

On completion of the Course the SGA and EFPP certificates are awarded.

Course Director – Guzel Khafazovna Bakirova, PhD in Psychology, a group analytic (the London Institute of Group Analysis diploma), the EFPP (European Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy) training analytic, the SGA training group analytic, Associate Professor, works at the East European Institute of Psychoanalysis (see http://gizel-bakirova.info).

Lecturers and conductors:  the SGA training group analytics, supervisors and training analytics from the EFPP and other organizations.

Form of training:  full-time and distant (online).

Course dates and times:  General and theory classes are delivered in blocks.  5 blocks a year, in 1-2 months.  Small groups are held weekly in the evenings on working days at the Psychoanalysis Center of the EEIP (East European Institute of Psychoanalysis).

The small group classes start in October – November 2015 as the group is formed.

The schedule for the first year: 

Block 1 – November 28-29, 2015

Block 2 – January 23-24, 2016

Block 3 – March 12-13, 2016

Block 4 – April 16-17, 2016

Block 5 – June 4-5, 2016.

Non-residents must attend blocks, the rest of the course is online.

The Course fee:  the first year is 65000 rubles.  The course fee should be paid before the start of each block.  Monthly payments are possible.

Entry requirements:  the applicant must take an interview.  To sign up for an interview please contact Course Director (Guzel Khafazovna Bakirova):  tel. +7 911 211 3656, e-mail  gouzel2003@inbox.ru.

Information about the SGA Diploma Course